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Sandpaper Friends

May 5, 2013

I shared this a year ago, but since it’s Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I thought I was worth posting again.

MANual Living

Years ago, I was talking with my mom about someone who was driving me nuts. Today, I don’t remember who this was, but back then, they were really getting to me.  As I was talking (some may say I was whining) about this difficult person, my mom listened.  As I was beginning to feel better for unloading, my mom simply said, “Sounds like you have a sandpaper friend.”

“A what?”

“A sandpaper friend,” she replied.  Ok, she got my attention.


“What is a sandpaper friend?” I asked.

“God sometimes put sandpaper friends in our path to knock the rough edges off of our life.”

Once again, my mom was right.  Truth isn’t always comfortable, is it?  But it’s necessary.

Thanks, Mom!

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