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April 25, 2013


My son played his first baseball game of the season today. His team won 16-9 in extra innings. He was 4 out 5 with 3 RBIs. He is one of the youngest players on the team.

While playing catcher, he took a pitch (machine pitch) to the face mask. No reaction. No tears. Just focus.

Obviously I’m proud of him. You see, last year he was very shy. He once struck out and quit the game out of embarrassment. If he would have been hit by a pitch then, he would have broken out in tears.

He conquered some significant fears today. He played aggressively. He played smart. He followed the fundamentals his coaches have taught him.

On my journey towards fitness, I can learn a lot from him. I can’t be stifled by fear. I need to go after my goals aggressively. I need to stay disciplined – follow the fundamentals that got me this far. I need encouragement from others.

What about you? Have you improved over last year?



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