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What’s the Problem?

December 17, 2012

The Connecticut murderers of innocent children and their teachers have shocked us all. Almost immediately, the gun debate began to rage on Facebook and Twitter. I have my opinion on this, but I won’t share it here. I was called some pretty colorful names by someone yesterday who has a different opinion than I. But the question still begs an answer…

What’s the problem?

Is it assault weapons that are sold to the general public? Is it guns, any guns, that caused this horrific tragedy? Maybe it was violent video games. I don’t play them at all, but from commercials I’ve seen on TV, you can shoot up aliens, armies, and zombies in graphic detail.

Perhaps we can blame Hollywood for producing bloody movies. Or is it TV? Things seen on TV today would have shocked us all just 20 years ago.

Maybe we should blame parents for not being there? Or blame the Government for not having enough laws on the books to stop this kind of crime? Or should we blame bullying? Or Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets?

I’m sure there are plenty of other things we can blame, but will that really answer the question?


Perhaps evil is to blame? But can we, do we really want to, point the spot light on evil? Really think about that. Does our society, our country, our world really want to focus on evil as the source of this nightmare?

If we do blame evil, then what is the answer to evil? Will a new law eradicate evil? Will doing away with a certain type of firearm remove evil from our land? Can Government wipe evil off the planet?


From my perspective, only PURE GOOD, something…Someone…who is above evil, separate from evil, is the answer to evil.

Someone once said, “in this world you will have troubles. But be encouraged. I have overcome the world.”

That’s what we all need. An Overcomer. Not a brave legislator. No an tireless activist. Not a caring parent or school official. We need a Savior.

Many who read this will roll their eyes, turn to leave, and begin looking for another answer. Why?

To admit evil cannot be defeated with what we can conjure up also gets the whole conversation to a very personal one. Perhaps, you ask, I cannot truly change either? No self-help book or seminar, no new relationship, no new job, or more money or more stuff…no, nothing can make you a better, healed, whole person. You might feel better by trying some of those things. But deep down inside, you are still that flawed person we all are at heart. We need something more and a whole lot less.

We need a Savior.

Evil must be (and has been) addressed by Someone who has already defeated it and will end it once and for all. That Someone is Jesus Christ.

His death on a cross for the sins of the world paid the debt we all owed to God. We are free. His death defeated pure evil once and for all. Evil does not have to have a hold on our lives. God has given us a free gift through Christ’s sacrifice. Accepting this free gift of salvation guarantees our eternal future.

It does not, however, remove evil from our land. That process takes salvation being realized and accepted by every single person. As Jesus said, “in this world, you will have trouble…” Evil is a part of our landscape…for now. Some will accept the gift. Many will not. Many will not want to change their lives. Many will be fooled that another law, another restriction, another seminar, another book, another relationship, another…will be enough. When it is not, they will try again.

Eventually, Christ will return and evil will be defeated. Once and for all time. Those who have accepted the gift will live forever in the place that has never seen evil. A place filled with awe and wonder. A place where we will meet those children of last Friday’s tragedy.

But in the meantime, we who have the gift must share the gift. Live the gift. Show those around us that



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