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9/11 Memories

September 11, 2012

A good friend shared this memory of 9/11. Be blessed as you read it…

“I was at work when the planes hit the towers on 9/11. Mario was at his 2nd day of 4th grade at a new school. I remember watching in disbelief and praying my New York friend and her staff were safe. Then I got the phone call. My friend’s personal assistant, Taryn, was safe, but her husband was in Tower 2. He never came home. Taryn was 8 1/2 months pregnant with their first child, (Baby boy Collin). When I tried to explain what had happened to Mario, his only concern was Taryn’s unborn baby boy. Without me knowing, he went to his room and wrote the following:

Dear Baby Collin,

I’m Mario. I will help you and pray for you. It may be a little lonely at first not having a daddy but you get used to it. You might get buged by kids saying do you have a daddy? It might make you a little sad because about 10 or 11 dads pick kids up on there sholders, but when you have a mom it’s a little more harder for her to do it. It will be okay because mom’s can do a lot of other stuff. They tuck you in bed. They really, really, really love you and always say they love you. They kiss you all over the place and it can bug you crazy, but you need to let them do it. It’s not so bad to not have a daddy. I will be your friend. You can ask me whatever you want because I know a lot about this stuff.

Love, Mario W

And with that, I knew this date would never be the same in my eyes again. I will NEVER forget, especially the children who lost their mommy or daddy that day. Taryn has since remarried and Collin has a wonderful Dad but I still pray for Collin. . . and for the hundreds of other children whose lives were forever changed.”


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