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My Dad

June 12, 2012

It’s Father’s Day this coming Sunday (June 17).  We have a lot to celebrate at our house.  Karsten, my son, turns 7 on that day.  A great Father’s Day gift!  I’ll be playing bass and BBQ’ing that day.  Looking forward to it!

Many who will read this post will know my dad, James R. Johnson.  If you don’t know him, let me fill you in on this incredible man:

  • Dad is a pastor.  He served as a pastor for 50+ years.  He is officially retired, but his pastoral heart doesn’t know this…he continues to serve others whether it’s officiating at a funeral service or serving in his denominational office or leading a Communion service at his church.
  • Dad is a great husband and father. He and my mom, Carolyn, have been married for over 60 years.  My siblings and I are blessed to have such great parents.
  • Dad is a teacher.  He taught us how to build our own bikes when we were kids.  He found old, beat up bikes and showed us how to strip the paint off down to the bare metal.  He showed us how to prime the metal and then allowed us to pick our own colors.  He showed us how to wrap the tape around the new ram horn handle bars.  He allowed us to pick out our own seat and pedals.  He taught us how to take the pedal assembly apart and repack it with grease.  I loved that bike because of this experience with my Dad.  He got me to appreciate the fruits of my labor.
  • Dad is a healer.  He loves to refinish antique furniture.  Their home is a show case of beautiful hardwood furniture that Dad took from dingy, dirty, and worthless and turned it into something priceless.  From what I have heard, he did the same with people/churches he served in his ministry.
  • Dad is faithful.  He has been faithful to my Mom for over 60 years.  He is faithful to his kids, his grandkids, and his great-grandkids.  Dad is there for us and prays for us.
  • Dad is a cheerleader.  Whether we kids were on a football field, track, or on stage performing, Dad and Mom were there cheering us on supporting us.  He brags on his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids.  And now, he is at my son’s baseball games cheering just as loudly as anyone else.
  • Dad is not a good cook.  Although he did make a mean 3 pound meatloaf a long time ago when Mom left us 3 youngest with Dad when she went on a retreat.
  • Dad is respected.  I have never heard one single negative word about my Dad.  Never.  Now, I don’t think he is perfect, and he knows he’s not, but most people who know him admire and respect him.  I know that cannot be said about me or most people I know.
  • Dad loves people.  He created meaningful events in churches that live on to this day.  People at Wakarusa, Indiana still carry on the “Harvest Home” giving Sunday.  I believe well over $1 million has been given through this ministry that my Dad started so many years ago.  Today, Dad spends quality time with his friends.  A group of seasoned men get together regularly for their R.O.M.E.O. breakfasts (Retired Old Men Eating Out – I think they need t-shirts that read “Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?  Your Wife”).
  • Dad loves God.  You can hear it when he prays.  You can see it when he sings praises and worships God.  You can read it in his well-worn Bible.  You can hear it when he speaks in church.

I am blessed to be the son of James R. Johnson.  I know I’m premature on this, but Happy Father’s Day, Dad!  Thank you for all you are and all that you have given us.  We are blessed because of you.



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  1. Jere Johnson permalink

    I believe it was a 5 lbs meatloaf and we ate the whole thing. Great words Jim.

  2. Jana permalink

    Thinking about my orange bike, my jewelry box made from 100 year old church pews, working in good clothes, laughing with Dr. Miller, patience, patience, patience…

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