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Encouragement – by Judd Johnson

May 17, 2012

My younger brother, Judd (a great guy and a great dad), posted the following on Facebook recently.  It speaks of encouragement.  It speaks of sticking to it.  It speaks of old men jumping into swimming pools.  Enjoy and smile!

“Have you ever had friends who encouraged you to do what you felt was impossible? I am coming up on 5 years of swimming. I have had my ups and downs over the years but I have kept at it. I ran across this email that I sent 5 years ago to two good friends Rose and Tom Hiser – the ones who encourages me to start. I sent this to them after my first ever swim workout. If you need some encouragement or a good laugh, keep reading.

“Rose, thank you for your encouragement on the phone and to both Rose and Tom, thanks for showing me the ropes last night at the pool.

I truly believe to be a great person you need to learn humility. Right now, I have to be the greatest person in the world. Haha.

Last night was really a stretch for me, but I did enjoy the night. And I will be back on Saturday.

If I am good for anything, I am good for some humorous observations:

1. Tom said, “The biggest mistake people will do in our program is swim too fast at first. Just find a nice pace and the speed will come.” Did ya see me swim? What is slower than SLOW? At one point in practice, I was frantically kicking with a board and I think I was actually going backward.

2. I had WAY too much going on in my head. I was concentrating so hard on my stroke technique I continued to forget to breath, which I later found out is a key element in surviving a swim practice. I would take 5 strokes and then couldn’t figure out why my lungs were burning. Oh yeah that breathing thing! So by the time I “tried” to breath, I usually drank.

3. Ben asked, “Did you wear a drag suit?” I relied, “I AM a drag suit.”

4. Overall it was a good feeling. I miss the old days where you feel the “burn” of great exercise. I just didn’t realize I would feel the burn so quickly – like jumping into the pool.

On a serious note, I was impressed with both of you. Your work ethic and your joy for the sport were evident. That really encouraged me. I will do everything in my power to commit to this program for at least a year. If I can do that, I believe I will stay with it longer. I am not sure I will be at either of your levels within the year, but I do know I will be healthier and in better shape. Of course now when people ask what type of shape I am in, I usually respond “ROUND”. Being in the swim program, I am now shooting for “Oval”.”



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