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Do I Look Good, Daddy?

May 16, 2012

Almost every morning, my 8 year old daughter finds me after she dresses for school and asks the same question:  “Do I look good, Daddy?”  And every morning, I tell her the same thing:  “Yes, you look beautiful.”

Now, my daughter is discovering her “look” and on some mornings, her clothing combinations are a bit…eclectic.  I won’t let her go out of the house if she looks like my high school band director:  plaids, stripes and polka dots all mixed together.  But my answer to her remains the same:  “Yes, you look beautiful.”

My wife, friends, and coworkers have all been sharing with me about how it was growing up as a girl.  “Girls are mean.”  “Girls can be nasty.”  So, I figure that my daughter needs to hear as much affirmation from her ol’ dad as much as possible.

So if tomorrow morning when she walks down the stairs and looks like Cyndi Lauper collided with Stevie Nicks, my answer will be and will always be:  “Yes, you look beautiful.”  Because she is.


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