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May 12, 2012

I took my 8 year old daughter, Hannah, out for a date night tonight. I had a special idea to share with her. We first went to Office Depot and bought a spiral bound 3×5 card index (50 cards) and I let her pick 2 colors of Sharpies(of course, one was pink). She asked why we were picking these items up. “At dinner,” I replied, “I’ll tell you at dinner.”

We then did a little shopping for her before we ended up at Chick-Fil-A. I brought the index cards and pens in a placed them on our table. When I food arrived, Hannah said, “Ok, will you tell me now what this stuff is for?”

I began talking with her about some of her recent experiences at school and at dance classes where she witnessed some kids treating her or others poorly. She has come home from school in tears when others had said hurtful things to her – just simply to hurt her feelings.

We then began to talk about a new CD I had just gotten her – Francesca Battestelli. The first song on the CD, “Free to be Me”, is Hannah’s favorite. She memorized the chorus quickly. One of the phrases in the chorus is “perfection is my enemy”. We talked about what that meant – that no one is perfect, including Mom and me. We knew she isn’t perfect, but that’s ok. The chorus states that regardless of life’s bruises and bumps, we are free to be ourselves – just as God created us.

I then took the index pack and flipped it open to the first card. I took the pink Sharpie and wrote “My dad knows I am a beautiful girl.” I explained that she will probably hear from someone in her life that she is not pretty enough or even that she is ugly (she is so not!). I told her that if she ever hears that, when she gets home, she just needs to read these words (out loud even) and know that I know she is beautiful.

I then flipped to the 2nd card and wrote: “I am a smart girl who can make good choices.” We talked about times in the future when she will be tempted to make poor choices or be pressured to do things she knows are wrong. This card will help remind her she can be brave and make a good choice.

On card #3, I wrote “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.” Philippians 4:13. We talked about what this means. I told her that she will have days when she feels that she can’t do something or feels like a failure. I told her that I have felt that many times. But this verse tells us a different story. No matter what we face, Jesus is here to give us strength to do what is right, to make good choices, to succeed even if others are telling us something negative.

After this, I asked her if she understood what this little 50 page card index was for. She said she did. She then flipped to the 4th card and wrote “I’m free to be me.”

I told her to keep these cards next to her bed and to read through the cards often. I told her that Mom and I would write down thoughts for her from time to time. I told her that Grandpa and Grandma can do it. She can continue to jot down things.

I want to instill in my daughter (and son) that life can be faced with positive energy and purpose even if it feels overwhelming at times. This little tool can help keep her focused.

How did this idea come to my mind? I use the same tool for myself. I can choose to dwell on negative thoughts or I can erase them and replace them with truth, hope, energy, and God’s positive truth. I’m still a work in progress. I want my kids to get ahead of where I started. It’s an investment well worth it…




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  1. Laurie permalink

    Love it babe. It has been a tough year for her and I think this idea is a winner! Props to my love!

  2. AWESOME IDEA JIM!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Carmen LaRue permalink

    Great that Hannah has a daddy who loves her very much and she knows that Jesus loves her more just as she is created to be

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