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What Makes a Man?

January 2, 2012

What makes a man? Simple question. Hollywood and 5th Ave marketeers have already had their say. So what do you say?

Men and women can answer. Sons and daughters can answer. Dads, newly weds, singles…can all answer.

Think about your dad, husband, brother…

I would love to read your responses.


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  1. Jim, you asked what makes a man. A man is made when his highest desire is to follow Christ no matter what the cost. Dan married me 30 years ago for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. Neither of us had a clue how literally we would have to follow through with those vows in the days to come. My health mystified doctors for the first 27 years of our marriage – with my body just falling apart many times with no warning. With a very busy business to run and 3 children to raise, there were many days when we knew that we just had to try and put one foot in front of another just to get through.

    Finally, 3 years ago I was diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome, which means my body does not have collagen – which is what holds your body together – thus the reason that my body has a mind of its own and often lets me know that it is in control.

    In these last 30 years, I have NEVER heard a complaint out of Dan’s mouth about my health and all of its ramifications. Many men would have run for the hills a long time ago, but he has always said that he took his vow before God seriously and often reminded me that divorce would not be in our vocabulary.

    His cleaning the carpets for me today, meant more to me than getting a million dollars. He was raised that the man is not to do any of the housework and as long as we had children at home, they learned at an early age to be a great help to me. But now, with all of our kids grown, Dan is once again stepping up to the plate and taking on new responsibilities without complaint.

    Again, what makes a man? A man is made when his eyes remain steadfast on His Lord – even when the cost is great. (shared by a friend)

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