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January 2, 2012

When our Christmas break started, my wife said “don’t let them watch TV all day.” So to stay out of the doghouse, I came up with an idea to encourage creativity in my kids and to keep myself safe.

I had begun working on a book idea several weeks ago for a children’s book. I shared it with my kids and they decided that was what they wanted to work on.

On the first day of our Christmas break, we went to the downtown library to do some research – something new to my 6 and 8 year old. But they did great. One of the themes to this book is dragonflies. We found some good books with all sorts of helpful information.

Then we got home and built our outline and wrote the first chapter together. This took some time, but it was worth it (to me as the dad). Throughout the next 2 weeks, I picked their brains on the story line and dialogue. They were very helpful. Eventually, this short book was completed (35 pgs). Today, with the help of my wife, Laurie, they created their “deluxe” book covers to take to school tomorrow.

Next steps? We are planning to publish the book via Amazon’s Kindle Self Direct Publishing.

A little creativity…a little effort…a little education…a little coaxing…all made for some good interactions with my kids. Yes, it was worth it. Yes, there will be more to come as we gave “Dragonfly” a cliff-hanger ending…


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