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December 27, 2011

Here in Fort Wayne, Indiana we were all captivated by a horrible story that has turned out to be more than horrific.  Little 9 year old Aliahna Lemmon first was reported missing just before Christmas day.  It was all over our local news and eventually made the lead story on Nancy Grace (CNN/HLN) as well as on Fox News Channel.  This morning, our community learned that this precious little girl was savagely murdered on Dec. 22 by the man her ill mother had left her and her sisters with – a “babysitter”.

It is heart-breaking.  No answers will make this situation any better.  Justice?  Most everyone who learns of this tragedy hopes that the murderer “rots in hell” (to quote a Facebook entry by someone here in Fort Wayne)

I  cannot fathom how anyone could do brutally beat and murder someone so innocent and helpless.  This murderer is no man.  He is a coward and a monster.  Something deep inside him that used to resemble a human being died a long time ago.  Pure evil took over.  That can be the only explanation of how one human being can exact such a hate-filled rampage on a little girl.

May justice be swift.  May the system work in favor of the victim and not the guilty.  Justice will not bring the little girl back to life.  She is in the presence of the One who will love her for eternity.  She will live in peace in the arms of the Prince of Peace.  That is our solace.


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