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Good Deeds

December 27, 2011

This Christmas, my department team at 3Rivers ( adopted a family in order to be a blessing to them.  We adopted a family of 5:  Dad, Mom, 3 kids (7,3,1).  We were able to get them tons of presents (including 2 bikes) and lots of food.  As I posted in Facebook a while ago, there were 20+ of us helping a family of 5 to make 1 big difference.

The Mom told someone later that this is just what they needed.  Her father passed away about a year ago.  Her brother died unexpectedly within the past month.  Her 1 year old had recent eye surgery which made the finances all that much more tight.

As the Mom and I spoke in her living room that afternoon, she told me that “we’ve never done anything like this before – you know, asking for help.”  I told her we loved that we could do this for them.  I told her that someday, maybe her family can return the blessing by helping others in the same way.

I took my kids (7 & 6) with me.  I reminded them of a family motto we made up a couple of years ago.  “We do good deeds for people in need.”  I want my kids growing up wanting to help others.  When they see a need that they can help fulfill, I want them to jump in and do it.  Lead by example.  Ask others to get involved.

Maybe by giving to others and seeing real needs, my kids will grow up less spoiled, more grateful, and develop a heart for hurting people.  Maybe I will, too…


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