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It’s Been Awhile

I see I haven’t written much here lately.  I have 2 other blogs that I spend the majority of my time on 2 blogs:

1.  http:/ My blog on health, fitness, weight loss, and a better life.  Join the conversation!

2.  My leadership blog.

Feel free to visit these blogs.  Stop in and say “hi”.


Fishing Treasures

From my grandpa’s and Dad’s tackle box. Will be my son’s one day.






The kind of people your heart chooses…



What molds us…



Let Go



Sandpaper Friends

I shared this a year ago, but since it’s Mother’s Day this coming weekend, I thought I was worth posting again.

MANual Living

Years ago, I was talking with my mom about someone who was driving me nuts. Today, I don’t remember who this was, but back then, they were really getting to me.  As I was talking (some may say I was whining) about this difficult person, my mom listened.  As I was beginning to feel better for unloading, my mom simply said, “Sounds like you have a sandpaper friend.”

“A what?”

“A sandpaper friend,” she replied.  Ok, she got my attention.


“What is a sandpaper friend?” I asked.

“God sometimes put sandpaper friends in our path to knock the rough edges off of our life.”

Once again, my mom was right.  Truth isn’t always comfortable, is it?  But it’s necessary.

Thanks, Mom!

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My Daughter’s Blog

My daughter, Hannah, loves to write. To encourage her creativity, I created a simple blog using the app Weebly. It took less than 2 minutes to set it up. It’s incredibly simple to use.

Here is the link to her blog:

She would love for you to visit the blog and to read and share her stories!


I skipped to the car with my daughter tonight. Yes, I can skip like a 3rd grader. My daughter laughed and laughed.

It was worth it.


This morning after I got Laurie her coffee and prepared her lunch, I prepped dinner for tonight – spinach & artichoke stuffed manicotti.  Grandma “Boo” is coming over for dinner and then we are all heading to the school for my son’s spring music program (he’s a starfish tonight). 

Tomorrow evening is a baseball practice.  Saturday:  my daughter has a dance competition here in town.  My son has baseball team pictures followed by a game.  Sunday:  more dance competition and another baseball game.  I then drive to Chicago for a conference that kicks off on Monday morning. 

Yes, our lives are busy.  Crazy and hectic at times.  But I don’t mind.  This is life. 

I began reading a new book last night.  It’s called “Start”.  One of the many things author Jon Acuff wrote was about purpose in life.  Are we to discover our purpose or should we simply live a life of purpose?  Great question, eh?

I think my family is living a life of purpose.  Laurie and I want our kids to grow up smart, respectful, honest, hard-working, courageous, fun, interesting, spiritual, healthy.  We know we’re busy with all of our activities.  But those activities help us help our kids.  From  skill teaching to strengthening their relationship-building, our busy lives do have purpose.  We do work to place limits on ourselves so we and the kids do not burn out. 

Throughout all the practices, driving, games, competitions, and such, our kids are learning how to be a good friend.  They are learning how to encourage others.  They are learning to give.  They are learning to be courageous.  They are learning that success is built on mastery and mastery comes from practice, practice, practice. 

Will I look back in 20 years and fret over the busy-ness of our life right now?  I doubt it.  I believe I will look back with fond memories.  I will also look at my adult children then and be thankful for the people they grew up to become.  I’m blessed to be a part of that process.  I look forward to that day, but I’m not going to miss the journey today.

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